Helping you find and deepen faith

Wisdom from the mother and fathers of our faith says we are more than what we do. Our interior life, our soul, is where we find our true life and meaning. We want to help you nurture your soul and life in God.

Since the early 1980s, founders Lainie and Daniel Allen have provided spiritual mentoring, spiritual guidance and coaching to help others bring focus to their lives and nurture to their souls so they can live the life God intended. Valuing an ecumenical Christian tradition, the Allen's honor each individual's spiritual path, and welcome anyone seeking to connect with God.

Lainie, a certified Spiritual Director, provides guidance to facilitate prayer, meditation, reflection and other spiritual practices that help deepen our communion with God.

Daniel, a leadership coach for over 15 years, helps leaders give voice to their vision, and find clarity on God's path for their life.

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